Biodegrade or Degrade That Is the Question

Comparing apples to oranges

BioSphere biodegradable plastic has been asked lately what are some of the fundamental differences between BioSphere technology and Oxodegradable or Oxobiodegradable technologies.

The differences between Oxobiodegradable / Oxodegradable technologies and BioSphere are explained below:

Oxo’s need UV light to begin the degradation process, this process is a chemical reaction between the UV and the additive which is incorporated into the plastic product. The issues with this process is that Oxodegradable companies place UV Inhibitors into the plastic product to reduce the ability for their own products to break down, this causes a consumer problem as most consumers do not leave their unused plastic products outside after their intended usage. This issue causes the bags to not break down in normal landfill conditions due to not having UV light in the intended disposal method.

Even when UV inhibitors are not used when utilizing Oxo’s the bags are not broken down in customary disposal methods due to the lack of UV light found in landfills. This is the core problem of oxo technology.

BioSphere’s patent pending biodegradable plastic additive does not need light for the product to be broken down in a landfill. The Additive attracts useful hydrocarbon eating bacteria and fungus to begin the hydrolysis reaction which is the first step in organic biodegradation. While hydrolysis is taking place within the plastic product the molecular weight is reduced. BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive works as a catalyst with the enzymes that are produced by microorganisms, these hydrocarbon eating microbes produce enzymes which break down plastic polymers over a long period of time, but need extra help in reducing the molecular weight. We introduce our proprietary food source for microbes which allow for faster biodegradation of the plastic material without exposure to UV light. After hydrolysis of the polymer chain further conversion of the plastic allows for other microorganisms to convert the products from simple sugars to gasses that can be collected for energy. The cycle of sustainability begins again with production of other materials using BioSphere biodegradable plastic additives.

The Key Differences:

  • BioSphere additive does not change physical properties or shelf life of the final product, like Oxodegradable additives.
  • BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive does not require UV Inhibitors or UV light to “set a time” or “chemically degrade” the plastic product
  • BioSphere’s biodegradable plastic additive enhances the organic biodegradation of plastic products for an organic biodegradation cycle unlike oxodegradables.

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