Increase the Biodegradability of Plastic with Additives

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Allot of customers are asking us for information on how to increase the biodegradable features of their plastic products using BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive. We have decided to utilize our website to make a post about increasing the ability of your product to breakdown by microbial action.

Biodegradable Plastic LDPE, PP, PS, MDPE, HDPE, PET and Others

Molecular weight of your final product is probably the single most important component of biodegradability. The simple answer to this is to reduce the overall molecular weight of the base resin you are using to reduce the biodegradable time frame of your final product. The higher the molecular weight of your product the harder it is for microbes to reduce the molecular weight and the longer it takes for the breakdown of the plastic product. The lower the molecular weight the faster the biodegradability of your final product.

  1. Lower the molecular weight of your base resin type.

Biodegradable Plastic Fillers to Reduce Cost

Reducing the cost of your plastic product by adding fillers can harm the ability for biodegradability, fillers such as calcium carbonate and other fillers can hinder the ability for products to decompose in landfill and natural environments. We suggest the use of organic calcium carbonate which is slightly more expensive than generic or inorganic calcium carbonate in reducing the cost of your overall product. Inorganic calcium carbonate will inhibit the biodegradability of your plastic product, while organic calcium carbonate will enhance the biodegradability of your plastic product slightly.

  1. Organic calcium carbonate instead of inorganic calcium carbonate to increase your plastic products biodegradability.

Homogenization of Additive

Biodegradable plastic additive homogenization is important when making your final product, making sure the additive is thoroughly mixed within the plastic product increases the ability of biodegradation. This allows for a good food source for microorganisms throughout your final product.

  1. Homogenization of Biodegradable Plastic Additive

Biosphere plastic can assist your organization in increasing the biodegradability of your plastic product with additives manufactured and patent pending by BioSphere. BioSphere’s patent pending additive maintains good thermal stability of the final product while maintaining the physical properties and shelf life of the final product.


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