Australia: Biodegradable materials used, ban on non-biodegradable.


Biodegradable Materials Promoted within Australia.

Another local council has joined Fremantle in a move to ban plastic shopping bags in its boundaries.

The City of Vincent, which covers inner-city shopping districts Leederville, Mt Lawley and North Perth, has voted to give in-principle support to outlawing non-bio- degradable plastic grocery bags.

The proposed bylaw, which would see non-biodegradable bags banned entirely and force grocers to charge customers 10¢ for every biodegradable bag, will now go to a public comment phase.

Vincent council joins Fremantle, which voted to ban non-biodegradable plastic last month, while Nedlands council would look at doing a trial, a spokesman said.

We have seen many countries start to ban non-biodegradable bags for local shoppers, Australia begins local council by council to strengthen their position on biodegradable bags usage only when shopping. The Australian local council will be voting on this issue and focusing on charging the consumer .10 AUD for the use of biodegradable materials for their shopping bags. Biosphere biodegradable materials for use in shopping bags have seen 13.9% biodegradation in 18 days, we strongly feel and as test results have shown our biodegradable materials will enhance the biodegradation of plastic at enormous rates.

With our test results of PE currently being tested under the ASTM D5511-12 testing method, biodegradation will fully biodegrade in a matter of months rather then years. Our biodegradable plastic materials are currently sold for $7-12 USD per kg. The biodegradable plastic market is growing at rapid rates as many countries move forward in banning plastic shopping bags usage across the globe. We intend to help the consumer and the manufacture by offering them an inexpensive healthy alternative to the growing plastic pollution problem of the 21st century. BioSphere biodegradable materials will reduce the time frame of biodegradation of plastic materials from centuries to months.

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