Ghana Increases Interest in Biodegradable Additives

Biodegradable Plastic has made its way to the officials in Ghana, who recently mandated legislation around the use of biodegradable additives for plastic articles in the country. Ghana has previously reviewed the use of the additives and mandated them for the Ghana people, but now it is becoming more serious. Officials from the Oxo-Degradable companies have been involved in the legislation, claiming that it will only increase plastic manufacturer’s costs by 5%. BioSphere plastic additive would also increase the manufacturing costs, but it would be a much smaller increase in comparison to other technologies. Ghana is looking for an alternative to the oxo-degradable products due to the lack of information on the breakdown process after the initial chain reduction due to heat and light. Many institutions are also afraid of the change because of the cost increase for normal household goods. We believe biodegradable plastic should not be a niche product; it should be a healthy alternative to regular plastics and should be considered a commodity rather than a speciality item.

Many biodegradable companies are thriving for legislation around the world and have increased their prices in many countries which have legislation. BioSphere biodegradable plastic additives are cost effective, with standard pricing for everyone (depending on quantities). It is our duty as a company to adhere to a higher standard in pricing and equality, whether legislative or not.

BioSphere is actively looking for partners and distributors within Ghana.

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