Loft 312 and BioSphere Ink Deal For Pet Waste Bags

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Loft 312 came to BioSphere to help with their biodegradability of their dog waste bags. After careful consideration by Loft 312 testing BioSphere’s product in comparison to other products, BioSphere’s product outperformed competitive products at an affordable price. BioSphere and Loft 312 teamed up for an exclusivity agreement between their companies. BioSphere Plastic aligned with Loft 312 to represent the entire animal waste product industry. Dog waste bag industry is a fast growing industry and BioSphere Plastic is proud to have a solid partner in the space with Loft 312.

Loft 312 Dog Poop Bags are found in Bed, Bath and Beyond and other Pet Supply Stores.

A recent interview with Executive Jennifer Blaese and her company Loft 312.

To purchase the Dog Poop Bags and Dog leashes by Loft 312, please visit

Dog Poop Bags

Biodegradable Dog Poop bags are available from Loft 312 using the BioSphere biodegradable additive technology.


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