The Biodegradable Plastic Solution.

With BioSphere, your sustainability goals are not only possible, they’re actionable. Designed to help our customers meet environmental responsibility demands in an economically efficient way, our biodegradable plastic technology drastically reduces waste.

What is Biodegradability?

Biodegradability is the capacity for something to be naturally broken down into its most basic components by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. While all plastics are technically biodegradable, they take hundreds of years to deconstruct. Now, thanks to BioSphere, plastic polymer biodegradation is faster, economical, and aligned with a sustainable future.

What is Biodegradability?

The BioSphere Difference

BioSphere technology is fast and effective, convenient to implement, and maintains the integrity of your final product.
Works two to three times faster than other biodegradable additives on the market
Plug and play with minimal changes to your equipment and process required
No impact on your final product’s physical or mechanical properties or lifespan

The Leader in Biodegradable Plastic Technology

The Leader in Biodegradable Plastic Technology
Although plastics have made our lives easier, disposing of them has become a global problem. We’re changing that, working with small manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies alike across a range of industries to provide custom biodegradability solutions.
The Leader in Biodegradable Plastic Technology
Available in pellet, liquid, and powder formats, our additives break down plastic products and packaging two to three times faster than our competition by drastically reducing the length of the plastic polymer chain via hydrolysis. This process allows microorganisms to convert plastics into carbon dioxide, methane, water, and biomass.
Giving Our Customers a Competitive Edge

Giving Our Customers a Competitive Edge

BioSphere is a US-based company with clients, agents, and distributors around the world. Our biodegradable additives are compatible with virtually any plastic product, making them the ideal choice for a broad range of global industries.

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