Our Biodegradable Additives

Our biodegradable plastic additives go deeper, allowing microbes to consume the C-C bonds within plastic’s structure at a macromolecular level. This increases the surface area of plastic products and enables plastophilic microbes to attach to the polymer’s newfound cavities. So, unlike regular plastic that can sit in a landfill for hundreds or thousands of years, plastic enhanced with BioSphere attracts over 600 different types of microbes that effectively digest and consume it.

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Our Biodegradable Additive Forms

Our additives are available in pellet, liquid, and powder forms and are compatible with nearly every production process. However, if you need a formulation that isn’t listed here, we can develop a customized solution to fit your needs.
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Specifically designed for applications that demand pellet form, our 201 pellet additive is used in most cases. We also offer 202 & 203 for PET products where clarity is desired.


Our 302 biodegradable liquid additive is perfect for use cases that require liquid form.


Our 401 biodegradable powder additive is specifically designed for applications that demand powder form.

The BioSphere Difference

BioSphere’s technology works much faster and more effectively than other technologies to enhance plastic’s biodegradation process. Leading the market with superior value, we provide an excelling, yet economical, product.

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Proven Biodegradable Efficacy

Products made with BioSphere additive are rigorously tested by third party labs to verify biodegradation of the
polymer. We’re proud to share those findings with you.

BioSphere Pricing

Our additives are competitively priced by design. Commercially viable biodegradable solutions give our customers a competitive edge, and positively impact the environment at the same time.

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Whether ready-made or custom, we can provide the perfect biodegradable solution.