BioSphere Technology Makes Metabolic Pathway Possible

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BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive company BioSphere plastic allows an easier metabolic pathway for microorganisms. Polypropylene which is made of Carbon-Carbon bonds are very difficult for microorganisms to consume. These microbes find other products which have an easy metabolic pathway for the microbial community to digest. BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive adds a metabolic pathway for these microorganisms starting with the first step, Hydrolysis. This allows the carbon-carbon bonds to be shortened allowing for the polymer chain length to be reduced. Once the polymer chain is reduced the plastic product becomes easier to be consumed by the microorganisms. This allows for faster biodegradation of the plastic product as the metabolic pathway using the BioSphere plastic additive is much more accessible.

Metabolic Pathway of BioSphere Enhanced Biodegradable Plastic

Metabolic pathways are series of chemical reactions occurring within a cell. In each pathway, a principal chemical is modified by a series of chemical reactions. Enzymes catalyze these reactions, and often require dietary minerals, vitamins, and other cofactors in order to function properly. Because of the many chemicals (a.k.a. “metabolites”) that may be involved, metabolic pathways can be quite elaborate. BioSphere enhanced plastic contributes to the vitamins, minerals for the metabolic pathway to continue in a single direction. Most metabolic pathways continue in a single direction, BioSphere uses the Acetyl-CoA cycle which allows the microorganisms to convert the plastic product into useable sources of food or one of three ways: To be used immediately,to initiate another metabolic pathway, called a flux generating step or to be stored by the cell.

These flux generating steps allow for further reduction of the plastic product at a faster rate allowing for the plastic product to have enhanced biodegradation. In current testing BioSphere has seen 22% biodegradation of PET in 47 days and 13% biodegradation of LDPE in 27 days. These results are due to the enhanced metabolic pathway of the plastic products.

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