Polypropylene Biodegradability by Microorganisms

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Biodegradable plastic are enhanced with the use of BioSphere Plastic additive. We have found papers in regards to polypropylene biodegradation by microbial communities discovered in 1993 by scientists in Italy. Their report can be found below.

Isotactic Polypropylene or Polypropylene Biodegradability

Polypropylene biodegradation is possible by microorganisms, this process takes a long period of time over hundreds of years to fully decompose. Scientists from Italy have performed testing to prove ultimate biodegradability of these polymers by certain microorganisms. It is by this method BioSphere Plastic enhances the biodegradation of polypropylene for rapid decomposition of the polymers.

Polypropylene biodegradability was discovered in 1993 and has been under review and these studies have been replicated by international packaging organizations worldwide.

Study of Biodegradability of Polypropylene

One consortium, designated community 3S, was tested with pure isotactic polypropylene to determine whether the consortium was able to degrade this polymer. Polypropylene strips were incubated for 5 months in a mineral medium containing sodium lactate and glucose in screw-cap bottles. Dichloromethane crude extracts of the cultures revealed that the weight of extracted materials increased with incubation time, while the polypropylene sample weight decreased. The extracted materials were characterized by performing chromatographic and spectral analysis (thin-layer chromotography, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, infrared spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance). Three main fractions were detected and analyzed; a mixture of hydrocarbons at different degrees of functionalization was found together with a mixture of aromatic esters, as the plasticizers usually added to polyolefinic structures.

Biodegradability of Polypropylene Study Conclusion

The study performed by Italian scientists provides evidence of biodegradability of polypropylene material by microbial consumption over a period of time. This study shows unequivocally that polypropylene biodegradation in the natural environment exists. The production of white papers and scientific journals suggest that the earth has come up with a way to consume plastic waste.

BioSphere Plastic enhances the biodegradation of these materials by allowing microorganisms a rapid response in consuming resins such as Polypropylene.

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