BioSphere’s Additive Top’s Fastest in Industry

DTS Sustainability Mackenzie Freemire

BioSphere plastic additive enhanced PET trays to biodegrade 15.8% biodegradation in just 27 days. The Additive which is proprietary to BioSphere is on track to allow PET bottles and containers to achieve less than a year biodegradation of the plastic material. The revolutionary results are 5 times faster than other products in the industry with a price that is a fraction compared to other technologies.

The test results which have been tested by a 3rd party testing lab Eden Labs out of Albuquerque, NM tested the PET containers using the ASTM D5511 testing method, the 3rd party lab owner Thomas Poth has stated that these test results are “Very Good”, with sustained biodegradation these PET containers will biodegrade in less than 7 months.

BioSphere biodegradable plastic enhances the hydrolysis phase of biodegradation within days, no other technology can achieve such quick results of biodegradation in the industry allowing BioSphere to be on the top of the charts for biodegradation and the most cost affordable solution in the marketplace for biodegradable plastic.

Biodegradable Plastic PET Test Results

Biodegradable Plastic PET – BioSphere Plastic by BiodegradablePlastic

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