81% Biodegradation of PET Fibers in 6 Months Using BioSphere Additive

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Preliminary results for BioSphere Plastic show 81% biodegradation in 6 months using their 201 additive. The results are fantastic and we continue to monitor these results along with other polymers including polyethylene and polypropylene. The testing is conducted under simulation of landfills in accordance with the current Federal Limit of Operating Landfills at 52C +-1C. The current Federal Limit for operating a landfill is 131F or 55C and temperatures must be below 55C.

BioSphere is one of the market leaders of enhancing the biodegradation of plastic. The company is continuing to work worldwide with manufacturers, converters and distributors to create sustainable solutions for industry.

Please contact BioSphere plastic for test results of the PET Woven Fibers.

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