Testing Biodegradable Products

BioSphere Plastic Testing Methodology

BioSphere plastic has been conducting their test methods under modified ASTM D5511-12, due to recent FTC News, we will no longer be calling the ASTM D5511-12 Modified. We conduct our tests to simulate landfills at 52C +-1C in accordance with the Federal Limit 131F or 55C as governed by the EPA. We are also doing the EPA testing 8015 soil testing to show biodegradation of the plastic material.

ASTM D5338-98/ISO 14852 aerobic biodegradation under controlled composting.

Indian standard 17088-12 for composting under controlled composting facilities. ASTM D 5338/ISO 17088 by Jack Roberts on Scribd

Below is our ASTM D5511-12 PE test results using the Biosphere additive technology.

Biodegradable shopping bag test reports by BiodegradablePlastic

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Test Report by Jack Roberts on Scribd

ASTM D5338 testing method was conducted for the below toothbrush using the Biosphere technology.

Biodegradable Toothbrush by Jack Roberts on Scribd

Our PET test results show that biodegradability of PET clear plastic.

Clear PET made with BioSphere Plastic by BiodegradablePlastic

Biodegradable Plastic Food Container by Jack Roberts on Scribd

Biodegradable PET fiber used in T-shirts and other applications using the Biosphere additive.

PET Fiber 95% biodegradation in less than a year by BiodegradablePlastic

Biodegradable Plastic PET Fiber for Clothing by Jack Roberts on Scribd

Biodegradable shoes made with BioSphere plastic additive.

EVA Foam shoe sole made with BioSphere plastic additive by BiodegradablePlastic

Biodegradable EVA foam product by Jack Roberts on Scribd

Testing is very important. Testing facilities that are able to complete the various tests in the marketplace are listed below:

Eden Research Labs: ASTM D 5511, D6400, D5526, EN 13432. All Biodegradation Testing

Northeast Labs: Only ASTM D5511

SGS China: ASTM D5511, EN 13432 and AU Standards

OWS: ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 Low Solids Content

Respertek: ASTM D5511, ASTM D6400

Intertek Testing Labs: INDIA : ASTM D5511, ASTM D5210

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