BioSphere Plastic signs exclusive distribution agreements

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BioSphere Plastic has exclusive distribution in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Georgia, and Japan. BioSphere also has other Agents and Distributors globally.

BioSphere plastic additive has moved rapidly throughout the world as they have developed a cost affordable solution that in some cases have reduced costs for manufacturers up to 70% from other technologies. BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive works within PE, PP, PS, PET and other major resin types to increase the biodegradability of synthetic plastic products. Increasing the rate of biodegradation does not reduce the physical properties, tensile strength or the shelf life.

Global demand for biodegradable plastic is on the rise. Many countries have outlawed plastic bags and this has created a very strong demand for an affordable product that will compete in the marketplace.

Biodegradable plastic additives are in demand across the world and BioSphere has the most cost affordable solution worldwide to create biodegradable plastic at an enhanced rate.

Global Update


BioSphere additive has the ability to pass the IS 17899T for single use plastics per ISO 15985 (ASTM D5511).

BioSphere Plastic is in the process of opening up a warehouse outside Mumbai.


BioSphere began shipping product into the SE Asian region to service distribution and their clients in 2015.

BioSphere has several Agents and Distributor’s covering the Asia region.

BioSphere 201 (J) pellet additive is K REACH registered in Korea.

South America

BioSphere signed exclusive distribution with BYCSA S.A. in Colombia and Ecuador in September 2016.

BioSphere signed exclusive distribution with Intecsol S. de R.L. de C.V. in Mexico and Guatemala in December 2017.

BioSphere signs Agent Agreement for Brazil with Carlos Bernardino in May 2017.

BioSphere began selling commercially into Brazil in 2018. Select documents available in Brazilian Portuguese.

BioSphere Presentation in Brazilian Portuguese

BioSphere Brochure in Brazilian Portuguese

North America

Samples and Sales rise rapidly within North America, especially within Mexico.

BioSphere signs global product exclusivity with Smither Oasis for floral foam.

BioSphere signs global product exclusivity agreement with Americo Mfg for commercial floor pads.


BioSphere appoints U.K. distributor in September 2018.

BioSphere additive complies with Georgian Legislation for Biodegradable Plastics per ASTM D5511.

BioSphere signs exclusive distribution agreement in Georgia with Biosferoge Ltd. in 2023.

Middle East

Traction picking up in the Middle East.

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