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BioSphere Plastic signs an exclusive deal with BioSphere SE Asia for distribution within SE Asian countries which include Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia, and Maritime Southeast Asia, Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines,Christmas Island, and Singapore. BioSphere has licensed their brand BioSphere to be used for the sales of their biodegradable plastic additive within the region.

Currently in the region the Philippines has outlawed bags that are not biodegradable putting hefty fines and possibly imprisonment for companies and individuals not complying with the biodegradable only plastic within the country. Malaysia and other countries are looking to follow closely behind the Philippines as banning all non-biodegradable plastic.

BioSphere is working closely through its agents in the region to help the government understand it’s technology and to help escort the laws into the market.

BioSphere Plastic continues to grow worldwide with its distribution network including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela—as well as French Guiana.

Currently BioSphere is working with potential distribution arms worldwide including, China, Africa, South Africa, Central Africa, Australia, Middle East, EuroAsia and Europe to distribute their biodegradable additive.

Biodegradable Plastic SE Asia

BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive enhances the biodegradation of plastic materials when placed into a microbial environment. Synthetic polymers are biodegradable over a long period of time and BioSphere plastic additive enhances that biodegradation to allow microbes a better ability to consume the plastic at a rate that is 20-100 times faster than the normal synthetic polymers. BioSphere Plastic Additive works in PE, PP, PS, PET and all major resin types.

BioSphere Plastic SE Asia launched their website to help promote BioSphere Plastic within the SE Asia region. Further information and contact information can be found at http://www.biosphereplasticseasia.com for details.

Currently BioSphere’s Products are warehoused in Portland-Oregon, Shanghai-China, Germany, Bangkok-Thailand and Santiago-Chile for distribution in large quantities.



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