Plastic Ban in New Delhi Nov 24th

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New Delhi has been at the forefront of plastic bans since 2000 allowing only biodegradable plastic. In recent events New Delhi passed the order for banning non-biodegradable plastic within the region.

Plastic Ban

“The state cabinet passed the plastic ban order on September 11 and the government notified it on October 23. A copy of the notification has been uploaded on the government’s environment department website. Enforcement has to begin a month after the date of notification,” said a top government official, who is part of a team authorized to enforce the ban.

This is a brand new challenge for manufacturers in New Delhi due to the fact prior to this mandate, now thickness and other restrictions on plastic bags are being enforced. All manufacturers are to adhere to this within a short period.

The new ban in New Delhi will effect 50,000 workers in plastic manufacturing in New Delhi, the direct change in legislation will have an economic impact within the region. If the inclusion is all sizes and thickness of products which is in effect on November 24th, it would directly impact 250,000 workers within the area.

While the New Delhi government has environmental concerns in mind, there is very few options for these manufacturers to utilize alternative technologies.

BioSphere Plastic is working diligently in the country of India to provide their technology at a reasonable and affordable price for consumers in the New Delhi region. Currently many manufacturers are testing and sampling products within New Delhi for conversion of plastic products to offer biodegradable solutions to their customers and businesses.

BioSphere continues to manage their distribution arms representing 24 countries worldwide. Further distribution arms and depth of distribution is on the forefront of BioSphere’s marketing and growth initiative for 2013, including South Africa, China, Central Africa, West and East Africa, China, India and the Middle East.

For more information or questions regarding distribution please contact BioSphere Plastic.

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