Plastic Waste, Jakarta enforces a new policy.


Jakarta, Indonesia Plastic Waste – Government officials begin to rethink their biodegradable plastic packaging regulations in Indonesia as the only technologies that are being represented in Indonesia are costly corn based and oxodegradable products.

Recently Indonesia officials began implementing a recycling and separation program to isolate recyclable, biodegradable and reusable plastics. This will greatly reduce the amount of trash being thrown into the streams, rivers and streets of the Country.

Costly biodegradable products such as corn based products which were introduced into legislation have created a windfall of complaints as manufacturers and consumers are complaining they are just to costly in comparison to regular plastics, from 30-50% more in most cases. This is causing problems for the legislation as consumers and manufacturers are refusing to comply until their is a solution to the plastic problem that is affordable.

BioSphere Biodegradable Plastic in Jakarta Cleaning Plastic Waste

Last month BioSphere Plastic signed exclusive distribution with BioSphere Plastic SE Asia to represent it’s biodegradable plastic technology within SE Asia, BioSphere SE Asia has been moving it’s technology within the region at an impressive rate and BioSphere Plastic expects growth of it’s technology within the area at rapid rates due to the price against competitive products such as corn based products and oxo-degradable products.

Indonesia and surrounding countries are banning non-biodegradable products within the region at an enormous rate due to plastic trash waste being thrown from cars and littering the countryside.

BioSphere plastic promotes, manufactures cost affordable solutions worldwide to for the environmental industry focusing on biodegradable plastic solutions to countries like Indonesia. BioSphere has a patent pending on solutions for the synthetic plastic industry by increasing biodegradation of plastic polymers allowing for biodegradation to occur at rapid rates when utilizing their patent pending product line. BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive is the most cost affordable solution between 7-12 USD a kg, a drastic price difference between competition. BioSphere plastic is dedicated to producing a cost affordable solution to the world to rid the earth of plastic waste at rapid rates.


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