Shabazz International Signs Exclusive with BioSphere

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Biodegradable plastic company BioSphere Plastic signs exclusive distribution with Shabazz International of Morocco. The managing director of Shabazz International Mr. Shabazz was traveling back to Morocco when he noticed “There are too many plastic bags blowing around”, this gave him an idea to take interest in BioSphere Plastic. When the market hit in 2010 with legislation around degradable and biodegradable bags, this product made sense within the country of Morocco and Algeria.

Biodegradable Additive

Biodegradable additive company BioSphere plastic has brought new technology in the market which allows a cost affordable solution to the international marketplace. BioSphere is the low cost producer of biodegradable additives that enhance the biodegradability of plastic at much faster rates than competition. It is for this reason BioSphere has made a major impact on the industry offering low cost affordable environmental solutions to the commercial marketplace. The biodegradable additive industry has increased over the past 8 months and more clients are wanting to convert their current oxodegradable customers over to the low cost solution BioSphere in the marketplace.

With recent event such as the reports on corn based plastic creating more environmental destruction than synthetic plastic, companies have began to convert their previous corn based plastic over to BioSphere due to the LCA cycles being much better for the environment.

Oxodegradable plastic additives have a limited shelf life and many consumers and customers of oxo-degradable or oxobiodegradable technologies are limited in their production capacity driving costs up as they have to purge or reset their machines for normal virgin resin production. The benefits of the BioSphere additive is that it does not have a set limitation on the product and products made with BioSphere do not reduce the shelf life of the plastic article. This alone adds benefits to the manufacturers and consumers as the fear of reducing the physical properties when using an oxodegradable additive is very real.

Biosphere plastic has entered into the market and made around 7 million pounds of plastic biodegradable in 2012. BioSphere Biodegradable Plastic Additives are used worldwide from Thailand to Mexico and BioSphere warmly welcomes Shabazz International to the team.

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