Revolutionary new plastic additive shows 13.9% biodegradation in 18 days.

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Biodegradable plastic additive formulation shows biodegradation at
rates never before seen in the industry.

BioSphere’s new biodegradable plastic additive formulation shows biodegradation at rates never before seen in the industry. Testing professional and lab owner Thomas Poth from Eden Research Labs confirms biodegradation of 13.9% in 18 days.

Rob Huegli President of BioSphere states “Our new formulation is working as
expected, phenomenal. Our team of researchers have achieved above and beyond all
conceivable expectations with our latest formulation. Over the next few months
it will be exciting to see plastic utilizing Biosphere’s technology completely
biodegrades in a time frame of one year or less. Next we will be working on
exploring our 1% additive in composting conditions. Due to the lack of compost
facilities in the United States and most of the world, we will only be selling
our compostable additive within four countries world-wide, Austria, Belgium, The
Netherlands and Germany. Composting conditions are just not there yet in the United
States. Currently there are only two compost facilities in the U.S. that fit the
criteria of compostable plastic.”

The test results further show BioSphere’s biodegradable plastic additive added at a 1% load rate will render the biodegradation of 300+ micron thick polyethylene at 13.9% within just 18 days. These test results have been done under the ASTM D5511-12 method by Thomas Poth at Eden Research Labs. Biosphere’s new formulation is now in high gear across the globe. Sources within the organization say they are working with numerous companies world wide for a true sustainable solution.

According to Rob Huegli, “We are experiencing very rapid growth due to our new additive, and its price, being one that the market can bare. Now for just a few penny’s more, companies can manufacture plastic products with a sustainable story behind them. Now we can see complete biodegradation of plastic products in a year or less for almost all disposable items. BioSphere’s leading technology is simply turning the industry upside down.”

BioSphere Plastic LLP, was formed to develop a class of additives for the manufacturing of biodegradable plastic products and packaging. BioSphere currently owns and markets their line of biodegradable plastic additives on a global scale. If you are interested in learning more about BioSphere please visit

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